For as long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with the human soul, and the human spirit. Together they are foundation of who we are. Throughout our lives it is emotions that define the human soul and spirit which ultimately shape us, define us, and move us. Often it isn't what we say through the conscious spirit but through the unconscious that leave an indelible imprint on people and even time itself.
It is this emotion and this image that I have come to love while devoting much of my life to record in lasting form, not only with a camera lens but without one as well. It was James Kirk Paulding who once wrote nearly two centuries ago that, "A look is worth a thousand words" His phrase could never be truer than in our time.
If marriage is one of life's ultimate commitments, it is rarely captivated in a series of moments quite like a wedding day. For any couple, it is just the beginning, but for me it is a honor that I promise to capture with emotional imagery and emotional commitment.
While portraits can be windows to the soul, they also reveal who we are at that very moment in our life. It is my passion to find the both and share them with you.
So enjoy this ride we call life. We only get one, remember to live it well. And for those moments you cherish most, let me cherish them with you.